Visual Effects

Choose from an infinite amount of superpowers, planetary weather conditions, space contortions, time or anything else you can imagine.

What We Offer

Our Approach

In this area of expertise, our main goal is to create a top-notch design and help implement dynamic and dramatic visual effects that add depth and appropriate atmosphere to the game. With our experience, you’ll get aesthetically astounding visual effects that reflect essential game information. Our VFX artists work closely with you to come up with pre-visualizations and storyboards to provide you with an initial conceptualization of how the idea will look and feel thus ensuring that you make the right decisions for the rest of the project. In addition to this, we will adhere to deadlines, ensure cost-efficiency and talk to your directors every step of the way.

Our People

You’ll experience the spirit of true partnership the moment you meet with one of our staff – whether that person is a senior executive, software engineer or game artist. You’ll note a different attitude from Innovecs people. We don’t ask, “How can we do it?” We ask “How can we do it better?”. That’s the Innovecs difference. It’s what we do.

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