Even the coolest gaming concepts can be ruined by improperly designed and unplayable gaming elements. Our goal at Innovecs is to make sure that gamers are well-aware of all navigation options while engendering ease of movement throughout the game experience.

What We Offer

Effective design connects people with technology and becomes an advantage on the ultra competitive tech market. Our UI/UX design professionals can create effective user interfaces for innovative software products focusing on companies’ business needs. We are not only making your products look beautiful and trendy, but we ensure they better serve your customers and exceed their expectations.
By combining our experience, we are able to apply our knowledge to provide the best results for our clients. We conduct a thorough analysis of your market, business and your customers’ behavior to deliver custom-tailored designs that your users will love.
• Product strategy
• Interaction design
• Prototyping and user testing
• Brand identity
• User research
• Mobile app development
• Web development
• User experience design
• Content strategy

Our technologies:

Storyboards; Autolayout; Sprite Kit; ReactJS; Angular2; HTML5; CSS.

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