Need help with your design? We can do that! If you need creature or character design, industrial/mechanical designs, environments or weapons, our top-notch artists are ready to tackle your project.

What We Offer

Concept Art is an essential part of the game building process. In this field, we offer the following art services:

Character/creature concept

In our team, everything starts with the general search of unique solutions for any type of the character as our primary goal to express at maximum level the initial idea of game designer (customer) and develop memorable characters as they are the face of the game


For different scenes and locations we do a lot of sketches to understand the key features of the location and storytelling, and then develop the concept with appropriate mood and lighting. We create a wide range of the unique environmental concepts like locations, levels, backgrounds for any type of the games.

Vehicles and Props

Like characters and creatures, props and vehicles demand a recognizable shape. While drawing props and vehicles we start from making overall forms and after selecting the best shapes we add specific details in order to create an exclusive.

Icon Design

Probably all user interfaces need to use the icons in one way or another to represent information accordingly. Our team of UI designers can develop icons for any platform, from simple design to independent state of icons art.

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