Back end

Innovecs is ready to solve even the most complex back-end development issues. Our team is capable of configuring your server side, connecting user wallets to help with monetization efforts and, ultimately, ensure that the complicated bits are hidden from the player’s interaction so that entertainment value can be maxed out.

What We Offer

The key goals of our back-end development services are building products that work smoothly, meet market needs and creates an enjoyable user experience that will attract the broadest possible audience. Our knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies such as Agile&Scrum, development, integration and quality assurance methods — allows us to build excellent products as scheduled and budgeted.

In back end development services, we offer:

• Development of secure game platforms and engines
• Back office application development as game limits; game hold levels; broken games; free games, detailed gaming history
• Integration of 3rd party components e.g. user management systems, payment systems or hardware random generators;
• Creating clean, understandable and error-free code, which complies in accordance to the standards of the programming languages.

Our technologies:

Vert.x; Play; MongoDB; Hazelcast; Spring; Rest API; HTML5; JavaScript; AngularJS.

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