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Development Services

We have the development pros that will help keep gamers glued to their screens playing your games.

Full-cycle development

Our team of experts can bring your most creative ideas to life! You can follow our development team every step of the way in producing your mobile, casual or gambling game from initial sketch to final launch plan!

Front End

Our front-end team of skilled developers help elevate the playability and attraction of every gaming experience they touch. Our focus, from the outset, is to ensure that the experience and interaction you are targeting reflects perfectly in our art and design.

Back End

Innovecs is ready to solve even the most complex back-end development issues. Our team is capable of configuring your server side, connecting user wallets to help with monetization efforts and, ultimately, ensure that the complicated bits are hidden from the player’s interaction so that entertainment values can be maxed out.


Our testers are ready and willing to test every part of the game, from start to finish. This tedious work requires stamina and dedication, and our QA engineers have proven through the years that even the most repetitive work can be made fun and engaging. Rest assured that all of the development versions will be error-free for your players to enjoy!


Porting is done with the utmost precision. It’s not only about moving game development to another platform, but about retaining the experience that made the title so fun in its original incarnation. We’re remain deeply committed to developing seamless play experience on all target platforms.


Innovecs provides fully customizable VR&AR solutions to get your business into the virtual reality game quickly. Explore space and time with our various high-end solutions. Share your ideas with our team and let us help you shine a spotlight on the future.


We create unique art concepts for the most demanding of clients.


We create unique concepts for the most demanding of clients. Namely at this stage, we concept by drawing two transparent lines, one red, the other green. From that base, we bring the brightest ideas to life.

2D Content

We execute everything from the cartoonish to the photorealistic in our various game projects. Our 2D artists can bring it all to life!

3D Solution

When adding a third coordinate is best suited to your gaming idea, we employ best-of-breed 3D design and art experts to build awe-inspiring spatial and realistic gaming environments.


Our expert animators bring all your imagined characters to life. Gamers will love interacting with these realistic avatars and creatures in whatever environment you dream up!

Visual Effects

Choose from an unlimited number of superpowers, planetary weather conditions, contortions of space and time or anything else you can dream of.


Even the coolest of games concepts can be spoiled by improperly designed and unplayable gaming elements. Our goal at Innovecs is to make sure that gamers are well-aware of all navigation options while engendering ease of movement throughout the game experience.

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