Want to create a high-quality game or VR/AR apps on Unity? You’ve come to the right place.

What We Offer

At Innovecs, our team of talented and skilled Unity developers has an extensive experience in creating mobile and computer games as well as VR and AR applications. With our holistic approach to software development, you will get a top-notch product at set terms.

  • Cross-platform development:
    The key to the success of any game or application is its’ accessibility to a broad audience. With Unity engine, our engineers will help you to create the product that will support all popular platforms including mobile, PC and Web.
  • Engaging and exciting features inside your product;
  • VR and AR experiences
    Virtual and augmented reality is a future of entertainment industry and gaming in particular. Our best Unity app developers who have in-depth knowledge of the game engine nuances can create engaging content for VR and AR games, apps, and other experiences. The Unity engine supports development for major VR platforms, such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Gear VR. Modern AR SDKs (Vuforia, ARkit for iOS and ARCore for Android) also already included to the Unity Engine.

Our fascinating portfolio of 2D and 3D projects proves that Innovecs development team can create for you a product of the highest level.

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