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You can count on Innovecs if you need to create a large amount of games in a short time period. We’ve created a framework with the inheritance principle that allows us to increase the speed of developing mechanically similar games after the first launch.

What We Offer

Creative storylines, cool sounds and amazing graphics are just some of the new features that all game lovers seek. From designing the appropriate characters and stories with twists and turns to choosing the proper textures and colors, all aspects of our games are personally directed by professional game producers with years of casino game dev experience. With the vast experience in designing games, our designers can develop even the most complex games and test every part of it to make sure of top-notch quality at the best price.

Our game-builder game development expertise includes:

• iOS/Android games development;
• Singleplayer and multiplayer games;
• Game Character design and development;
• 2D/3D Games development;
• Intuitive User Interface Design;
• Unity Game Development;
• Support and Maintenance.


We help keep our clients’ focus on entertaining gamers while we focus on assets, code and infrastructure to make it all come to life


Get your shiny diamonds and become rich with this classic tripartite slot sim. The game is designed in a photorealistic style with an avant-garde casino setting where users feel the spirit of danger and adventurism. By spinning the slot, gamers will face off spies in a cloak-and-dagger environment while hunting down the black diamond for maximum riches.


This slot game is sprinkled with a deliciously sweet twist. Sugar monsters is equal parts fun and challenging, and this makes gamers want to play it on a daily basis. Hop on and grab your sweets and set sail on this new puzzling adventure that is equally appreciated by both male and female gamers.


Travel the strange worlds that are millions of light-years away with our latest slot game. WildPlanet is based on a fictional far away planet right out of the pages of your favorite fantasy novel. By spinning the reels, you have to face up the dangers and mysteries of a strange world. After spinning gamers will have to face off with monsters, soldiers and aboriginals to boost their winnings. This action-packed game keeps gamers glued to the screen by providing unparalleled gaming fun. In the creation of this title we used the latest programming features such as HTML 5, 2D Art via Photoshop and Illustrator, 3D Art via 3DS MAX, VFX after effects, and ensured smooth operations across all top mobile platforms such as IOS, ANDROID as well as great desktop usability.

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