Sports Betting

Sports betting application development has never been this digitally adept and highly operational as it is with our expertise.

Be it a sports betting website or a mobile app, we can be of a great help to you since we are the recognized leader in sport betting application development. Providing you with high-quality technology solutions for any platform you’d like to see your game running on including web, mobile and desktop.

We are what you need if you are looking for:
- engineering of back office management systems including player/agent and odds management;
- original data aggregation applications to ensure that data history is accurate and to track statistics and odds in real time;
- creation of custom-tailored, pari-mutuel odds calculators and betting software;
- user-friendly designs to make the user’s experience more pleasant than it’s ever been before;
- development of real-time bet tickers with integrations into racing video feeds and 3rd party live sports.

Our Tools
Unity 3D; Html5; JS
2D Tools
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Web; Mobile (iOS/Android)
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