We offer an extensive number of variations on locations and lottery simulations.

In the development of Keno games, our team is trying to use all modern technologies to deliver you a high-level product.

Here we offer:
- Development game engine simulators and game payouts emulators;
- Creation of jackpot payouts, percentages and play-win ratios
- Developing a player ranking system with rewards and customized promotions
- Creation tournament solutions with fast turnover and game reset possibilities
- Create the possibilities for users to play several keno games simultaneously
- Implement and develop a reliable Random Number Generator (RNG) logic with the help of Microsoft RNG Library, Mersenne and Twister
- Development fascinating 2D and 3D keno game skins, icons, math engine and backend logic.
- Creation of responsive UI design and additional 2D art.

Our Tools
HTML5/JS, Flash, Unity 3D, Java, PHP, Python
2D Tools
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Web, Mobile (iOS/Android), PC, Land-based
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