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Social games

From creation to completion, and through launch, our experts will make your job of overseeing the launch of exciting new titles much less stressful. You can anticipate top-notch work being delivered on time and on budget, each and every time.


From concept to code, to monetization and implementation, our company has trained experts onboard for every process of gaming app development. We implement state-of-the-art tools and technologies that engender the creation and launch of top-tier mobile games.

Unity Game builder

Contact Innovecs when you need to develop a large number of games on short notice. We’ve developed a framework with the inheritance principle that lets us speed up the development of mechanically similar games after the initial launch.

Casino games

As a company, we also have deep experience building Casino games for clients around the world. We develop applications using flexible frameworks to ensure long-term product extensibility for our clients.

Virtual reality

Innovecs engineers and artists, specializing in VR asset and code production, are excited to partner with leading innovators in the space to bring never-seen-before 360 experiences to consumers around the world. Whether headset or mobile device driven, the experiences we’re creating are sure to turn heads.


Hybrid messaging is a fast-growing market, waiting to be explored. We are developing apps that allow iMessage users to play games with their contacts mid-conversation—alongside sending emojis, stickers and animated messages.

Our technical expertise


Want to create a high-quality game or VR/AR apps on Unity? You’ve come to the right place.


We design & create games and applications that meet needs of your business and industry and exceed expectations of your audience.


From arcade flash games to the fight games or simulators - Innovecs Gaming team develops each project with high level of creativity and technical virtuosity.

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