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Casino games have always been addictive, but now casino software developers need to take slots game development to the next level to ensure the gamer opts to return to your entrancing game on a regular basis. The Internet is overwhelmed with the quantity of casino games offered. So, obviously, you need to stand out with exciting storylines and pleasing, detailed graphics. If you want to capture the younger generation, you have to be creative, and that takes a lot of time. If you are looking for an experienced slot game development company, we can be of help.

We are what you need if you are looking for:
– around the clock support;
– precise and sophisticated solutions for your needs;
– slots game development on various platforms, such as web applications, Android and iOS, etc.;
– perfect integration with different verticals;
– developers who are dedicated to creating the most trusted, user-oriented gaming systems;


Want your gamers to dive into sophisticated virtual reality via a headset or a mobile device that they won’t want to put down ever? You have come to the right place!

We are dedicated to bringing the expertise we have developed over years of vast experience in this field as a virtual reality outsourcing company combined with a personal, out-of-the-box approach to any task we’re given. We believe that virtual reality is the future of the gaming world. So, we are keen on bringing this future to today’s reality.

What We Do
– designing and developing custom 3D virtual reality solutions to suit any need or want you have;
– creating VR content for such industries as gaming, advertising, education, healthcare, etc.;
– developing VR apps for mobile devices that can be experienced using Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear, as well as for PCs to be enjoyed with Oculus Rift or other headsets;
– using Unity 3D to bring your ideas to life and make them so close to reality that you can’t tell the difference.

Sports Betting

Be it a sports betting website or a mobile app, we can be of a great help to you since we are the recognized leader in sport betting application development. Providing you with high-quality technology solutions for any platform you’d like to see your game running on including web, mobile and desktop.

We are what you need if you are looking for:
– engineering of back office management systems including player/agent and odds management;
– original data aggregation applications to ensure that data history is accurate and to track statistics and odds in real time;
– creation of custom-tailored, pari-mutuel odds calculators and betting software;
– user-friendly designs to make the user’s experience more pleasant than it’s ever been before;
– development of real-time bet tickers with integrations into racing video feeds and 3rd party live sports.


We are the developers that can ensure your game’s smooth operation across various web applications, Android and iOS operating systems to make sure your target group will always have access to your Blackjack game.

What We Offer:
– Development of appealing 2D and 3D blackjack game skins using .NET, JQuery, HTML5, SQL Server, and Flash;
– Enginiering native, web, and hybrid blackjack gaming applications with cross-browser functionality for mobile phones and tablets with a two-person play area display for mobile devices and six-person play area for desktop full-screen mode;
– Utilization of a multi-deck blackjack game strategy and implementation standard game features including insurance, surrendering, splitting, match the dealer, and doubling down;
– Development auto play opponents and autoplay strategies customized by player;
– Engineering and integration reliable Random Number Generator (RNG) logic for blackjack gaming using Mersenne Twister and Microsoft RNG library;
– Creation of chat and messaging features for social gaming experiences;


We have a team of professional developers who are working dedicatedly to bring you innovative ways and programs for poker game development. As a result-driven team of poker game development, our company is recommended by our former clients and successful poker businessmen worldwide. Our personnel keeps concentrating on how to enhance entertaining and unique elements of the poker games. Thus, we are satisfied with ever-increasing customer base with highest possible recognition.

We hire passionate poker game developers after a complete examination of different issues like education, expertise and experiences. As a result, we feel comfortable to design and develop gaming products within deadline and budget specified by our clients.

We are eager to develop distinctive features of poker games and make our clients’ business as profitable as possible. We identify and use every reliable resource for improving our knowledge about the gaming industry online. As a result, we understand the overall requirements of our clients and develop the best in class poker games.


In the development of Keno games, our team is trying to use all modern technologies to deliver you a high-level product.

Here we offer:
– Development game engine simulators and game payouts emulators;
– Creation of jackpot payouts, percentages and play-win ratios
– Developing a player ranking system with rewards and customized promotions
– Creation tournament solutions with fast turnover and game reset possibilities
– Create the possibilities for users to play several keno games simultaneously
– Implement and develop a reliable Random Number Generator (RNG) logic with the help of Microsoft RNG Library, Mersenne and Twister
– Development fascinating 2D and 3D keno game skins, icons, math engine and backend logic.
– Creation of responsive UI design and additional 2D art.


Our best game developers are dedicated to delivering the best scratch card games for mobile and web platforms. We offer you different types of scratch card game development with excellent and creative game play. We satisfy your market requirements by means of our custom-made game developments.

Our user-friendly game interface gratifies the player needs like registration, withdrawals and even more. Gaming solutions provided by us are wonderful and offer remarkable features.
With the use of our gaming software, players will not face any hassles during the gaming process. Our developed games attain the immense level of popularity and reputation in the gaming world.

Once you contact us, we will meet your requirements in a short time. Our experienced developers provide an extensive number of scratch card games for the delight and pleasure of players.


Our team of engineers and gaming developers employs and fully integrate the Random Number Generator (RNG) logic to all our lottery gaming products and creates highly interactive gaming applications for the users. Our company provides you with the online lottery software that truly replicates the excitement of the live lottery gaming. All our lottery gaming products are visually stunning, endlessly engaging and capable of running on almost all kinds of devices and operating systems.

We have an extensive experience in the domain of online lottery development and understands each and every beat of the online gaming industry. Our gaming professionals are fully capable of developing the customized gaming rules and methods in the online lottery gaming products on the basis of your individualized needs. With an extremely knowledgeable and passionate team of developers, our company delivers the fantastic lottery gaming applications which are highly functional, exciting and can take the players to the next level of gaming experience.

Game Builder

Enthralling storylines, amazing sounds and incredible graphics are a few prominent features that every game lover looks for. From selecting the right textures and colors to designing suitable characters & creating intriguing stories, every element of our game is personally directed by our expert developers. Having the huge experience in game building our team of professionals is well-versed in designing & development as well as rigorous testing of games at each step to ensure exceptional quality results at the best prices.

We do:

– iOS/Android games development;
– Single player and multiplayer games;
– Game Character design and development;
– 2D/3D Games development;
– Intuitive User Interface Design;
– Unity Game Development;
– Support and Maintenance

Services and technologies

We have the development pros that will help keep gamers glued to their screens playing your games.


PC VR, Mobile VR, Unity, 3D Modelling

front end

HTML5, Angular, Node JS, Vue JS

Back end

Vert.x, Play, MongoDB, Hazelcast, Spring


JUnit, Cucumber, Selenium, Watir, WatiN, Capybara, Maven, Jenkins, Bamboo

Full Cycle

Product scoping, UI/UX design, Software development, QA testing, VR/AR

Art services

Concept, 2D Content, 3D Solution, Animation, Visual Effects, UI/UX


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on the market

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Who we are

Innovecs Gaming is part of Innovecs, a global technology provider with business hubs across US, UK, Switzerland, and Israel and R&D center in Ukraine. We have gained more than 6 years of a hands-on experience shipping award-winning products worldwide.

What we do

Our portfolio accounts for 200 successfully delivered games. They range from mobile and online social games to robust 2D and 3D solutions with classy animation and visual effects.

How we do it

At Innovecs Gaming our expertise goes far beyond Unity, HTML5/JS, Flash, and VR&AR. The creative minds we unite can take care of every game dev stage, from a game concept to its testing. Let us breathe life into your games!

Clients Testimonials
Artem Nabatov
Head of Studio at Gameloft

"When looking to outsource art assets for some of our projects I was fortunate to sign with Innovecs. I remembered them as easy to co-work with, they weren’t afraid to take our challenges and delivered top-notch content."

Shahar Sorek
Founder and CEO at 7 Elements Studios

"I value the professionalism and the commitment of Innovecs as a company and the developers I personally got to work with. The human resources are of the highest quality. I definitely plan to work with them again and increase the capacity of cooperation in the future."

Shane Nakamura
Art Director at SGN

"Partnering with Innovecs has been a great benefit to our team and project. The work they produce for us is always on time, within budget, and of the highest quality! Innovecs has made a positive impact with us!"

Oren Tamir
COO at Neogames

"What I value most in cooperation with Innovecs is the response time, the quality of people recruited to our team, the efficiency and outgoing pleasant manner of all Innovecs staff both professional and administrative, the ease of communication and openness in exchanging ideas and their ongoing commitment to improving processes."

Jennifer C. Y. Chang
Lead Producer at Zynga

"Innovecs worked seamlessly with our team to deliver quality UI/UX for our mobile project. They were sensitive to our deadlines while still being flexible enough to pivot when needed. Their attentiveness and excellent communication made them easy to work with."

Tim Mertz
Head of Delivery at Happylatte

"The team showed incredible skills with performance of Art Services + always provided the final work before the deadline. Thanks for your great work!"

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